Terms & Conditions

Valid from 1 January, 2017

  1. Definitions

    “BCP” in the text below refers to Bamboo Content Partner, a business unit of Bamboo Business Communications Limited, headquartered in Hong Kong.

    “Company User” refers to the organisation buying services from BCP.

    “Media User” refers to the publication that has signed up to BCP to get free access to ready-to-publish industry-related, professionally written articles and images.

  2. Introduction

    BCP undertakes to ensure that these Terms & Conditions are accepted by Company Users and Media Users prior to transacting business with them and to existing clients.

  3. Terms of payment

    Company User’s payment shall be made upon presentation of invoice. The terms of payment are 30 days, monthly in advance.

    Media Users can download and publish uploaded articles, images and videos free of charge.

  4. Period covered by the agreement

    A signed agreement between BCP and a Company User is valid for one year, unless otherwise specified and with the exception of Bamboo One-Off.

    If notice of termination of the agreement is not given one month prior to the expiration date specified, the agreement shall be extended for a period of one year, with six months’ notice of termination. Notice of termination must be given in writing.

  5. Termination of agreement

    A party has the right to terminate the agreement, effective immediately, if the other party

    – disregards its obligations under these Terms & Conditions to a significant degree,

    – otherwise disregards its obligations under these Terms & Conditions and does not take corrective measures within 30 days after being requested to do so, or

    – is declared bankrupt, suspends payments or may otherwise be assumed to have become insolvent, or if it may be reasonably assumed, on other grounds, that the party will not fulfil its commitments under the terms of these Terms & Conditions.

  6. Copyright and responsibilities – Company Users

    Company Users have the right to upload text, images and videos and are solely responsible that uploaded material is not protected by copyright. If certain copyright conditions apply, the Company User shall add such conditions for each uploaded article, image and video.

    BCP operates as an information channel between its Company Users and Media Users. Whilst BCP makes every effort to ensure factual accuracy, the final and underlying responsibility for the content of the material distributed and published via BCP’s system lies entirely with the Company User that commissioned BCP to distribute and/or produce the material.

    For better coverage, Company Users are recommended to provide their existing media lists to BCP. Each editor/publisher on the list will then be invited by BCP to sign up as Media User.

    Company Users do not have the right to upload any material that is offensive politically or to any religion, or that might, in any other way, be regarded as discriminatory.

  7. Copyright and responsibilities – Media Users

    After signing up as Media Users, editors and publishers will have access to all the media content available on the BCP platform.

    Media Users have the right to freely download text, images and videos for publishing in their printed and/or digital publications. Media Users have the right to edit the material if, for example, it needs to be shortened.

    Media Users must strictly follow any copyright restraints stated in connection to a certain article, image or video.

    When an article is published, Media Users have the responsibility to send a link or a digital copy of the published article to BCP, contentpartner@bambooinasia.com.

    Media Users do not have the right to use the material in advertising or other non-related use. Media users do not have the right to sell or give material to third party not covered by these Terms & Conditions.

    Media Users do not have the right to publish material in a context that could be regarded as offensive politically or to any religion, or that might, in any other way, be regarded as discriminatory.

  8. Publication performance

    BCP will use its best efforts to make material supplied by Company Users available to Media Users. The decision as to whether the material will be published or not lies entirely with each individual editor/publisher. Therefore, BCP cannot guarantee that the material will be published in any particular publication, or in any publication at all.

    Similarly, given that the final version of any text which is published is also entirely at the discretion of the Media User, BCP cannot guarantee that the full and entire text, nor any particular part of it, will, in fact appear in the published version.

    Should there be any doubt as to whether the published version was in fact initiated by BCP-supplied material, the statement of the editor/publisher in question shall be regarded as final.

    Company Users will also be interested in knowing if uploaded articles have been published by Media Users. Therefore, Media Users have the responsibility to provide accurate links or copies of all published articles upon request from BCP.

  9. Withdrawals

    Where a Company User wishes to withdraw material that BCP has made available for publication, BCP reserves the right to continue with, complete and charge for any publication processes that have already been initiated, i.e. where a Media User has informed BCP of a commitment to publish the material or where a Media User is considering the material and subsequently informs BCP of a commitment to publish the material. BCP will follow this practice unless some other procedure for withdrawing material has been specifically requested by and agreed in writing with the Company User on each occasion of material being withdrawn.

    Where, for compelling reasons, it is agreed that any on-going publication processes have to be aborted, BCP reserves the right to charge the Company User in question (on an hourly basis) for any work it is required to carry out in order to minimise the consequent disruption to the editorial plans of the publications affected.

  10. Applicable law

    These Terms & Conditions shall be applied and interpreted in accordance with Hong Kong law.

  11. Disputes

    Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms & Conditions shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.