Frequently asked questions (FAQ) – Media users

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What is Bamboo Content Partner?

Bamboo Content Partner is a platform that offers free access to ready-to-publish, professionally written articles and outstanding images. It has been developed by Bamboo Business Communications Ltd, a branding, marketing and communications agency based in Hong Kong and Shanghai,

Good content is key, but it is time-consuming to develop. As an editor or content publisher, you may often find yourself struggling to find high-quality material – ready for publishing or free to edit. We have that content, and it’s free of charge.

Bamboo Content Partner enables you to find the articles you need with just a few clicks. Our platform is easy to use and is fast developing into a go-to source for free high-quality content, written by professional writers.

What kind of content is available on Bamboo Content Partner?

The articles are written by professional writers and the photos are by professional photographers. So the material is ready for publishing as is, or you can edit it. The sources are generally the companies that subscribe to Bamboo Content Partner. The stories are meant to be suitable for B2B media, trade and industry media, but could also fit more general publications.

Am I free to publish everything on Bamboo Content Partner as I wish?

Generally speaking, yes, but please ensure that you follow what is outlined in the Terms and Conditions. In addition, there may be certain copyright restrictions regarding the use of texts, images and videos. If so, such information is listed next to the item.

What can I do if there is no picture available for an article?

You can choose to source a suitable picture yourself, or you can ask us at Bamboo to source it for you. We have access to major image banks and have many years of experience in B2B publishing. Cost for sourcing and purchase of picture apply. If you want help, contact us at

Do I have to notify you if I want to publish an article?

You don’t have to notify us prior to publishing. But you are requested to send an email to with a link to the content or an attachment in pdf format or similar for print publications. After you have downloaded material you want to publish, you may receive an email from us to remind you to send us this after publishing.

Is there any way I can know if editors at a competitor’s publication have already downloaded an article I am interested in?

You can contact us at and provide us with the name of the competing publication. We will check our database and let you know.

What other media is on Bamboo Content Partner?

Our other media users are probably people like yourself; that is editors and publishers, mainly from B2B and trade publications, online or in print. The extensive list contains publications from all over the world and they cover a very wide range of industries, from automotive and agriculture, to pharmaceuticals and robotics. These editors and publishers have actively signed up, either through our existing clients or by themselves.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) – Company users

Do you have a question you can’t find the answer to here? Contact us at

What is Bamboo Content Partner?

Bamboo Content Partner was born out of the needs of our clients to easily and cost-effectively reach and engage with trade, specialty and industry media worldwide. This also meets the needs of editors and publishers of online and print publications that are seeking high-quality content and good stories.

You may have existing articles in your corporate publications that you wish could get a wider reach. Through Bamboo Content Partner’s feature article placement system, you can give your articles global reach. Our media users represent publications worldwide and are drawn from our clients’ media lists, or have actively signed up. In other words, they are actively interested in publishing what you upload, and their readers will be interested in your story.

Bamboo Content Partner is the creation of the branding, marketing and communications agency Bamboo Business Communications. Read more about Bamboo and what we do at

How does the subscription work?

In order to cater to the different sizes and needs of companies and organisations, Bamboo Content Partner offers four different plans: Bamboo Pro Unlimited, Bamboo Pro Unlimited + Bamboo Upload Assistance, Bamboo Light, and Bamboo One-Off.

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What happens after we have signed up?

You will be contacted by Bamboo Content Partner to confirm your interest. Then both parties will sign a written agreement, which is similar to our Terms and Conditions.

How do we know if our articles have been downloaded by media?

All company admin users can see who has downloaded what article, in real-time. You can then contact the editor or publisher who downloaded directly. Editors and publishers are requested to give links to and copies of all published articles and we will contact them after they have downloaded an article and if it has been published we will forward the link or a copy of the article to you.

Don’t editors and publishers want exclusivity?

Trade and B2B publications, both online and in print, are different from mass media in terms of exclusivity. The readership is defined by specific industries or business areas such as oil & gas, railways and automotive, by the publishing language and, often by geographic area of coverage. So for editors in trade media ‘exclusivity’ means that a feature article that they publish has not been published by two to three other publications that compete for the same narrow readership.

This also means that you can get your articles published in multiple publications in different parts of the world, in different languages and across different industries and business areas when you are working with trade and B2B publications.

What kind of files can we upload?

Bamboo Content Partner supports articles in MS Word format, images in high-resolution jpeg or png format and video files in mp4, wmv or mov format. Of course you can upload low-resolution images too, but we recommend uploading high-resolution as the editor/publisher may be from a print publication, and if it’s an online publication they can resize for the web.

Can we get help with uploading?

Yes, no problem. We have developed the Bamboo Content Partner platform so that it is easy to use. However, clients may feel that it is more convenient to let us handle the uploading. Just let us know when you sign up if you want to outsource the uploading.

What do we do with media we already have contact with?

To increase the chances of your articles and videos getting as much coverage as possible it is recommended that you provide us with your existing media list. We will send out a non-binding invitation to the media in your list on your behalf, asking editors and publishers to sign up free of charge. After they have actively signed up, they will have access to all the articles on Bamboo Content Partner. We will only contact the media representatives on your list after discussing this with you and we will observe utmost confidentiality and not divulge the details in your list to any third party. And apart from your own media list your content will reach all other media that already subscribe to Bamboo Content Partner.

Do we have any guarantee that our articles will be published?

Bamboo Content Partner is a platform that gives editors and publishers around the world free access to articles, images and/or videos. However, the decision to publish depends entirely on the editor’s judgement of the material’s quality and its suitability for his/her journal.

What if we want to produce an article but don’t have access to a good writer and/or photographer?

Contact us at Bamboo through and we will do our best to help you with that. We get such assignments on a frequent basis from our regular customers.

What media is on Bamboo Content Partner today?

Our media users are editors and publishers, mainly from B2B and trade publications, online or in print. The extensive list contains publications from all over the world and they cover a very wide range of different industries from automotive and agriculture, to pharmaceuticals and robotics. We think that there are definitely publishers and editors who will be interested in what you have to say, and all of them have actively signed up, either through our existing clients or by themselves.